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The Bowen Technique
Bowen Tecnique
BOWTECH (The original Bowen Technique), is a safe non-manipulative, fast and effective system, for the treatment of pain, inflammation, joint discomfort, spinal misalignment, muscle, tendon and organ pain (internal ailments) which is an aid to healing. Because the Bowen Technique works on the whole body, it is possible to treat more than one ailment at the same time, whether they are acute or chronic. That means e.g., you are suffering from bronchitis, menstrual problems, back, shoulder or neck problems, migraine, or any combination of these or other illnesses, they can all be successfully treated in one session. A second session is normally recommended as reinforcement. Even if you are suffering from a long standing complaint usually only a few sessions are necessary to improve your condition. The results are generally long lasting unless there is re-injury. Because of the body's high tolerance level of the Bowen Technique, the treatment is appropriate for everyone, from new born babies to the frail and elderly. A BOWTECH session consists of several series of gentle moves through light-weight clothing (or with direct skin contact) in any position comfortable to the patient.
The BOWEN TECHNIQUE was developed in the late 50s by the late TOM BOWEN (1916-1982) in Geelong, Australia.
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