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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a complementary therapy that involves the application of a light pressure to specific points, known as reflexes on the feet and hands to encourage the body to heal from within. The therapy is based on the principle that the feet and hands mirror the body. All organs, systems and glands on the body can be mapped onto areas on the feet called reflex points.

A reflexologist knows how to stimulate the reflex points in order to bring about a response in the corresponding part of the body.

Reflexology is a therapy which can be received by anyone at any age from newborn babies to the elderly.

The therapy works along holistic principals aiming to treat your mind, body and spirit. It is a gentle therapy in which the therapist uses their fingers and thumbs.

The ideas of reflex use for health improvement were carried on sporadically and brought to American in 1909 by Dr. William Fitzgerald. Whilst the art of reflexology dates back to ancient China, India and Egypt this therapy was not introduced to the west until Dr.Fitzgerald developed “Zone therapy”.

The benefits of Reflexology:  

eflexology helps to restore and maintain the body´s natural equilibrium and encourages the body to work naturally to heal itself. The therapy can bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and has been shown to be effective for many conditions, but a few examples include:

- Pain relief in back and joints
- Arthritis
- Migraine and headaches
- Depression
- Stress and anxiety
- Sports injuries
- Breathing disorders
- Digestive problems
- Hormonal imbalances: Menopause
and Premenstrual syndrome

- Sleep disorders and disorders in Pregnancy
- Restless legs syndrome
- Aid circulation, improves blood flow

- Relax muscles
- Calm overactivity in any part of the body and stimulate underactivity
- It may improve cooperation and coordination between the bodily systems
- It may help relieve congestion
- Aids post-operative recovery
- Complements cancer care:
Pain, nausea, vomiting, and/or anxiety eased for chemotherapy
- Stress and stress-related conditions
- And many other conditions.

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