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Welcome to Clinica Casa Blanca
Torrox Costa

Bianca Bojahr
Bianca Bojahr

Clinica Casa Blanca was opened in 2008 by Bianca Bojahr.

Bianca is a qualified practitioner in Osteopathy, Bowen Technique,
Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy,
Reflexology, and Ear Acupuncture.

The Therapy Centre provides Holistic Treatments
for a wide range of disorders and conditions including:

- Back problems

- Spinal misalignment

- Pain in neck & shoulders

- Joint discomfort

- Sciatica and Hernia

- Tightness in muscles

- Tennis elbow

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

- Frozen shoulder

- Sports Injuries


bianca massage

kids massage

- Internal ailments

- Migraines / Headaches

- Fibromyalgy / Tinnitus

- Asthma / Bronchitis

- Inflammation / Infection

- Sinusitis / Hay fever

- Allergies

- Depression / Anxiety

- IBS / Gastroenteritis

- Fluid retention … and more.

All therapies at the Centre aim to treat the whole person, mind, body & spirit.

There are also lessons of Sofrology available at the clinic. Sofrology is the study of the well-balanced consciousness, which works for the whole body and mind in conjunction with the treatments.

Bianca is highly trained and ensures that the therapies are delivered in an atmosphere of calm professionalism. Confidentiality, integrity and the dignity of the client is always maintained.

Gift vouchers and Forever Living products are available at the clinic.


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Forever Living
products available:

Nutritional supplements
( vitamins, minerals etc. )

Weight control- Natural cosmetics-
Skin- and personal care

Aloe Vera drinks ...... and more

for ever living
To achieve a deep, therapeutic relaxation massage, contact Bianca today at Clinica Casa Blanca